ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) — They’re the quick crooks that are hard to catch.

Porch pirates see a delivered package waiting for you and they steal it before you ever get a chance to open it yourself.

Rep. Terry England, R-Auburn, is co-sponsoring the bill written by Rep. Bonnie Rich, R-Suwanee.

“It’s frustrating to all of us,” England told CBS46. “It’s something you’ve ordered. It’s something that many times that is medically necessary or something you’re waiting on or need for work and it’s frustrating when someone just comes by and grabs the package.”

It’s already illegal to steal mail from a mailbox. It’s also illegal to steal mail in transit.

“The issues is stealing packages or taking packages off of someone’s door step kind of fell into a gray area that made it very hard for them to prosecute,” England said after meeting with police in Winder. “It has not actually been put into your possession at that point and that’s kind of where the gray area came into play.”

If this bill becomes law, porch pirates could be sailing toward one to five years behind bars.